torstai 12. tammikuuta 2017

Painting Challenge: Armour Theme round - Jagdtigers

The first themed round, armour, is up and my entry with it. Go to the themed round page to check the other entries out:

Being the boring engineer that I am I went with the obvious choice for the Armour themed round. Still to mark the occasion I couldn't just go with any old tank, but had to have something special. So the biggest and meanest of them all, Jagdtiger. 128mm gun that could punch through anything and everything and armour that could withstand nearly any shots from the front. Also far too expensive, too heavy, too few and not very practical. What's not to love :)

I haven't taken part in themed rounds the last few painting challenges, but with a house renovation having me painting walls instead of miniatures I need any extra points that I can get. I still don't think I'll take part in all of them, but rather take part in those that fit into my ongoing projects. As I need some big kitties for a tournament coming up in a few weeks these were the perfect choice for the first bonus round.

I painted dark yellow with modulation in a few shades to make them pop followed by camouflage. I want to do all my big kitties a bit different to show the haphazard way units were put together in the last desperate months of the war, with vehicles pulled in from everywhere they could be found. The simple green stripes turned out rather nicely, not too happy about the other one though. The camo patches ended up a bit too large for my tastes, but going back and repainting it would have meant I would not have gotten it done for Sunday. Still after the washes it's looking a bit better now.

I like my vehicles quite worn looking so heavy enamel washes were used as well as some streaking effects. All of this was topped of with liberal coating of a couple of mud effects. With a tight schedule these guys were actually photographed before the mud effects had dried. It was getting closer to midnight already so I decided to just varnish them later and get the entry ready before going to bed. With a few days gone past, they are now finally done and will be getting their first outing next week to have a few test games before the tournament.

lauantai 7. tammikuuta 2017

State of the paint desk

Well it's been quite a busy 2017 until now. We had friends over on New Years eve and the aftermath had a considerable impact on my painting efficiency on the next day. Somehow finding a good painting mojo seems a lot more difficult when your head feels like someone is banging at it with a hammer :) My holiday is also over and work has been busy with slightly longer hours trying to catch up on tasks left undone over the holiday period.

I was trying to finish an Orc Blood Bowl team in time for my thursday slot at the painting challenge, but it was not to be. There was just so much detail and loads of hard to reach places with the snap-fit minis that picking everything out and cleaning mistakes where my brush had touched something that was already finished that I wasn't able to get them done. They are nearly done now, I just need to do highlights on the armour pieces and paint logos on them. I decided to give up late on thursday and instead started on my entry for the Armour. I have just managed to get that one done in time and it should go up with the rest sometime tomorrow.

With this done it's time for bed. We have another Over the Hills game tomorrow to test out the rules further. And after that it's a little over a week until we get the keys to our new apartment and can start renovations. Should be a busy month ahead of me. Unfortunately I will mostly be painting walls and not miniatures then, but with the new place I have dedicated hobby room and enough space for a gaming table as well!

perjantai 30. joulukuuta 2016

Christmas gifts and first challenge entries

Christmas has been celebrated and it's time to start easing back to normal life. A busy festive season again as we were visiting different relatives and both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were spent with our parents. It was the first time in years that I'd been at a Christmas  celebration with smaller children in years and boy had I forgotten how hectic it can be when you have a bunch of preschool aged children going crazy while waiting for Santa :)

With a massive renovation of our new apartment looming in the horizon we had asked relatives and each other not to give any gifts expect for help in the construction work. There were still a couple of nice gaming and hobby related surprises. The missus bought me Shooting Up by Lukasz Kamiensky which is a history about substance use by militaries throughout the years, both as recreational and in trying to improve combat performance. The psychological aspect of warface has always fascinated me so a very welcome gift. Only gotten through the first third, but it's definitely turning out to be a great book giving a good overview on the subject.

My Secret Santa was also very generous with a Königstiger popping up in the mail! A very welcome addition to the Remagen force that I'm working on for Flames of War now. Thank you very much for an amazing gift!

With the christmas fuzz over I had a couple of days of uninterrupted painting time as the better half left with her family for a short vacation at a holiday village also taking the warhound with her as well. In addition to the Panzergrenadier platoon that I just managed to finish before setting of for Christmas I managed to squeeze in further reinforcements for my Dropfleet Commander PHR fleet as well as an AA platoon for the Jerries. 176 points out of my goal of 1000 achieved within a week, so I'm pretty pleased with my output. Still I'm going to have to get quite a bit done before February as we'll start renovations then and I'm probably not going to get any painting done until mid-March.

With this post done, it's back to painting. I'm still hoping to get one more entry out before the end of the year. I've got base colours more or less done for the new Blood Bowl Orc team so hopefully I'll have enough time to get them finished in time for 2016!

Entry #1 - Panzergrenadier Platoon

Entry #2 - Dropfleet Commander PHR



Entry #3 - 2cm Flak38 Platoon


lauantai 24. joulukuuta 2016

Happy holidays!

Merry Christmas to each and everyone of you! Thank you for all the nice comments on my sporadic posts throughout the year. Feedback from other bloggers and on forums really does give that extra motivational boost to paint!

With this I'm off to spend the Christmas with relatives. Few days pause from gaming, but after that back to the brushes with renewed energy!

Have a good one everyone!