lauantai 25. lokakuuta 2014

Secret Santa has gone to war

Christmas is closing in and with it came Ian's Secret Santa project again. I've seen it going around the blogosphere previously and decided to jump in this time. The idea is to buy a wargames related secret christmas gift to your assigned fellow gamer for roughly 15 pounds + postage and somebody will do the same to you. Sounded like a lot of fun as with aging some of the excitement of Christmas has been toned down as you end up buying most of your own gifts anyway :) So now there's at least something that should end up being quite surprising!

I was originally planning to buy something from Crisis and shipping it later from home with some Finnish goodies as we are the official home country of Santa :) Alas that was not to be as I'd expect it to cause some issues with customs with the recipient, so I guess I'll have to resort to ordering something gift wrapped and sent straight from some of their local stores. So some research is going to be in need to find a suitable store and gift for Santa to deliver.

I'm not going to list anything too specific here for the Secret Santa, but as is probably quite evident from the blog WW2 and Napoleonics are what mostly makes me tick hobbywise. British and German armour in 28mm and 28mm French Napoleonics for D'Erlons Assault at Waterloo will definately see a lot of action in the future. But then again it's a painting hobby I'm in so anything that looks cool will definately get it's place of glory in my cabinet!

Eventhough Santa is from Finland wargaming stuff rarely comes from here so some sort of tips might be in place. Pretty much the only Finnish wargaming store selling historicals is Fantasiapelit, so overseas is usually the way to go. Still free shipping is usually available within Europe from many locations and for example Caliver Books has been servicing Finland very nicely!

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  1. Donner und Blitzen! Hope Santa is kind to you :-)

    1. Hope so! Though in the worst case I have my hunting equipment and Santa's workshop has a very public address here in Finland :D