maanantai 7. syyskuuta 2015

Autumn Flames of War project

I'm getting back in gear after my late spring Napoleonic push and all the Flames of War hassle due to the European Team Championship. I'm not straying far though as the preparations for next years ETC are already starting. The chosen period is Mid War this time and I'm planning to build up an Armored Rifle Company as mech players are always a bit harder to find and I already had most of the stuff needed available as I'd been planning to build up the same company, but for Late War.

In addition to the ETC prep for next year we are running an escalation league for Flames of War at my club starting from 500 points and increasing the list sizes every two weeks until we end up at full-fledged tournament list sizes. The chosen era is Late War, but luckily most of the stuff overlaps with Mid War US equipment anyways. I will be building a Tank Destroyer Company to utilize my Hellcats that I normally have in support of my Paras.

To plan my painting efforts a bit better I put together a little excel sheet to track my progress. I'll first build up the Late War Tank Destroyer list and then add the few extra units that are needed for Mid War. Most is already bought. The only things I really need are the M10's, some command miniatures and a few Jeeps. I'm still contemplating about painting up dismounted mortars and heavy machine guns. They will be useless most of the time, but then again if I skip them I'm sure to need them.

Painting is well underway with the Stuart's and the M20's almost finished. I only need to wait for the enamel to dry and then add some mud and they are done. While they are drying I've already gotten started on all the infantry stands of one Armored Rifle Platoon. 15 stands and 5 half-tracks per platoon are quite time consuming, but I guess batch painting should do the trick.

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  1. I do like a spreadsheet/things to do list. Looks like you are off to a great start.

    1. Spreadsheets? Now you're talking like a man!

    2. What more does a man need? Though bringing in spreadsheets to my hobby projects does carry a threat of messing up the balance between work and real life :) These foul beasts are usually better left at the office