keskiviikko 30. tammikuuta 2013

I'm back

Well I'm finally back from my trip to the Alps. Despite some avalanches disagreeing with our chosen skiing lines everything went really well and now I can get back to painting. Trying to catch up with my University courses and trying to get some work for my company done isn't exactly helping in speeding things up though, but I've managed to get the 1st Royal Scots forward a bit. Quarter done and the rest with the base colors of grey and red painted.

My temporary dinner table workstation in all it's "glory". Living in a small student apartment with my better half leads to some harsher requirements for my hobbies. The paint station is self made to fit into our cabinets. At least it keeps things tidy and forces me to just have a smaller amount of projects going on at one time. 

During my trip I had also finally received my package of Plastic Soldier Company Panthers and sdkfz 251's that had been ordered already in November and couldn't resist putting a couple together. I must say that I love the quality and the detail on the minis. On the downside they are quite slow to build up. They are joining the rest of the waiting armor for my Panzerkompanie. Maybe I'll get them done after the next british battalion.

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