tiistai 19. maaliskuuta 2013

WIP: 92nd Gordon Highlanders

Well I finished the first three bases of the Highlanders to get one final submission into Curt's painting challenge at Analogue Hobbies. Still two more bases to go. I didn't quite reach my points target of 1000 in the challenge, but over 800 points is still quite well considering that I did have a 3 week holiday in between.

Anyhow here are the 3 finished bases, couple of more coming up in the following weeks after I've finished one school project.

I also dug up my old Tau project and decided to breather new life into it now as a new codex and new models are coming out for them. Most had broken during transport when we moved into this apartment so I just decided to strip them of paint and reassemble everything that had broken (which was pretty much everything). Target for April is to get a 500pt force done to be able to play smaller games with them.

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