maanantai 4. elokuuta 2014

Back to the Dark Ages

Well I'm back from the summer cottage and got some painting done after a weeks break. I decided to speed paint a group of more Norse Gaels that I had laying around after I was delivered the wrong pack. I was originally supposed to get the Gall-Gaedhill blister, but ended up getting these guys. The correct box is still somewhere and I've more or less given up on it already after a few months.

It was nice to paint something quickly after a small hobby break, even if I cheated a bit at the cottage by playing Zombicide (with the missus though so it's not exactly breaking the no miniature related stuff rule) and reading all the blog posts being updated.

Nothing fancy here, but I did end up painting an extra highlight layer compared to what I'd normally do to make them pop out a bit more. Half of the shields are with Battle Flag decals and half hand painted. This was actually the first time that I ended up painting slashes and cuts on the shields. Turned out rather nicely even if I say so myself.

The building on the background is one of the Saxon hovels that 4Ground makes. Absolutely fantastic looking stuff! I've got the three now and I think I'll be buying the Anglo-Danish buildings also to make a small village.

Next up some 105mm Artillery for FoW that has finally arrived after being ordered in early February! Though there is a stag party and a wedding coming soon so there are some distractions that keep me from reducing the lead pile. I also finally managed to clean up the rest of the Oldhammer pile so I guess I'll start painting through them too. There's also the last two Red Devils sets waiting for paint. A 6 pounder and a 75mm howitzer. Especially the 6 pounder will be needing paint soon as panzers have been sighted at the club lately.


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  1. Nice job, I like the battle damage on the shields. Sounds like you've got enough lined up to keep you going for a bit! Cheers, Paul :-)

    1. Thanks! With unpainted miniatures now going into four digit numbers I have a feeling I'll have things lined up for the next few years :) Buying 4 Victrix boxes from their Summer sale sure didn't help... And I still haven't received most of my Winter War Russians...

  2. These are some excelently painted chaps.

  3. Nice and clean paintjob you have there. I love the shields!