torstai 6. elokuuta 2015

European Team Championship 2015

As I've mentioned before I'm going to the ETC event in Prague this year as part of the Finnish Flames of War team. 3 days of gaming in what should be about 35-40 degrees will be interesting to say the least. Here's to hoping that there is some sort of aircon at the location or it will be one sweaty tournament!

In my normal fashion I only finished the last miniatures up a few days before the tournament. I'd gotten started on them in May, but were mostly forgotten and always pushed into next week until  last weekend when next week was dangerously close to the actual event :) Still everything is done now and ready for the table! So one last group shot before they go into the bag. It's actually missing quite a bit of what I've painted as I went through a few iterations of the list before settling on what I'm taking with me now.

To come to 1550 points I have the following list:
HQ with 1 Panzerknacker team
2 x full Panzerschützen platoons, one missing an anti-tank rifle
5 x Panzer IIc(late
2 x 8-rad
3 x Pak38 with trucks
2 x 10,5cm NbW smoke launchers
Stuka Schwerpunkt

It will be interesting to see how this fares against my opposition. Nearly every other German mech list was fairly static with tons of anti-tank guns etc. while my list really doesn't have much staying power, but can pack a punch when concentrated on a smaller area. It definately won't work against certain lists, but then again in ETC there's always 6 guys in your team and you don't need to make such a generalist list anyway as pairing can get you out of trouble.

So stay tuned for updates from the tournament!

8 kommenttia:

  1. Good Luck to you and you team :)

  2. A very nice looking force, and similar to my own EW German lists. I think with a bit of care and smart tactics you could very well with it. Good luck! :-)

    1. Thanks Paul! Yeah it's bit of a tricky list to play. Though I guess that's usually the case with all German lists. When everything works together it works like a charm, but even with one piece missing things can go down the drain quickly.

  3. Very nice force !

    Good luck with tha tournament !

    Best regards Michael

  4. That's a fabulous looking group, best of luck.

  5. Hope you win a few. Safe journey there and back again!

  6. Looking good! Good luck and enjoy yourself.