sunnuntai 21. helmikuuta 2016

Painting Challenge entries 8 & 9: Black Plague Survivors and Regiment Prinz Maximillian

I'm lagging behind a bit on posting my challenge entries here, but I guess it's better late than never!

First up the six basic survivors from the new Zombicide Black Plague box. I'd promised myself not to buy anymore Zombicide as I have all the boxes and quite a few extras from previous kickstarters, but then those dastardly guys decided to do a medieval version! The sculpts seemed a lot more characterful than the previous "modern" Zombicide sculpts and there were plenty of great looking heroes and special monsters. When they showed a few Monty Python themed sculpts I was finally sold and pledged for the whole deal!

The basic game arrived just before christmas as they had the boxes ready and apparently wanted to give an early christmas gift to the backers with the rest arriving in February. Not surprisingly in late January we were informed that items wouldn't arrive before June/July and the main boxes would go on sale at stores already.

I hadn't painted any Zombicide stuff previously, but figured that these medieval versions deserved a bit of paint. I'm probably going to paint up all the heroes at some point when they show up. I went for a simple paintjob as they are only really going to be used with Zombicide and not in normal miniature games. So block painting, a brown wash and a single highlight on the largest items. Finally some blood and slime effects thrown on the weapons and ground.

The second entry of last week was another Saxon Regiment. This time Regiment Prinz Maximillian and it's first battalion. After this unit it's Regiment von Steindel and with them done I have all the line infantry of the 1st Division finished. Not sure what units I'm going to paint after that. A change from the line infantry could be nice so I might try my hand at converting some Uhlans from regular Chevauxleger miniatures.

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  1. Tremendous both, the Black Plague survivors are particularly great.

  2. Nice job Samuli, looking forward to the group shot 😉

    1. Thanks Paul! Will take one when I get the first Division done :)

  3. I'm also a big zombie idea can but hadn't seen the Black Plague set, nice!!!

  4. You don't like redheads, do you?