torstai 17. maaliskuuta 2016

Painting Challenge entry 13: Wehrmacht reinforcements

Yet more Wehrmacht forces with the last of the Germans that I had bought and based somewhere around 2013-14 when we first got into Bolt Action at my club. Like the previous batch, I stumpled upon them when cleaning some cabinets and figured it was high time to get everything painted up. My clubs Bolt Action game day and my Market Garden scenario needed some troops which provided the perfect excuse to slab some paint on them. Considering how fast it was to get them done it's almost shameful how long it took for me to get started on them :)

Red Devils digging in around the town of Oosterbeek ready to repel the dastardly Germans.

5 teams altogether with a Forward Observer, a 81mm mortar, HMG, Panzershrek and a flamethrower team. All of them are Warlord offerings. They are bit of a mixed bag with some very nice poses that can be used to create small diorama bases, but then again at least on some of them the sculpting is chunky and looks dated and I had some problems with massive flash and deformed details especially on the flamethrower team. Still even with their issues Warlord minis are definitely on the plus side for me. Some variation between product lines as especially the Red Devils were of far better quality than the Wehrmacht minis that I have done now.

After the last effort I decided to try improve the camouflage that I've done on them. Nick of Moiterei's bunte Welt fame has an excellent camouflage tutorial that I took some tips from. I decided to simplify things a bit and left out the rain drop pattern as I hadn't done it before on any mini and I figured you wouldn't see it on the game table anyways. Looking back at them some areas do look a bit bare so I think I might just have to go through all my Germans and update them as in the end it's a rather simple task and shouldn't take too long.

I also dabbled with Object Source Lighting or OSL effects on the flamethrower team after painting the flames with an airbrush. It ended up looking horrible so in the end I painted the miniature in my normal way again. But OSL is definitely an effect that I need to learn as it would definitely add a lot to miniatures like these.

There's only a couple of days left in the challenge and I've been busy finishing up different projects that have been half finished on the desk for a while. They should see me comfortably reaching my 1000 point goal and even go past it a bit. Two more Saxon regiments should finally get based today and my Curtgeld entry is in a similar state as well. I've also gotten started on my Secret Santa gift and it has all the base colours on now and is waiting for a wash before I start highlighting things.  That should keep me busy for the next few days.

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  1. Excellent job, great looking vignettes...

  2. Stunning painting Samuli! Love the little reflections on the flamethrowers glass lenses!

  3. Fabulous work Samuli! These guys are simply awesome.

  4. Great work!I like most teh Camo colors and the glass effects!!Very realistic job!