tiistai 12. huhtikuuta 2016

I'm off to Salute!

With the challenge over I've ran into somewhat of a hobby slump. Little painting has been achieved, though I've been building quite a few minis lately and at the moment my desk is flooded with stuff in dire need of paint!

Still I think I've found the perfect cure for my lack of painting mojo with a trip to London and Nottingham for a week or so to see the sights and most importantly visit Warhammer World and Salute! With the event seeing so much hype every year in the wargaming press and all the blogs around the world I figured it was finally the time to see it for myself!

And while I'm at it I figured I should finally fulfill a childhood dream of visiting Warhammer World as well. Can't remember when I heard about the place the first time, but I do remember drooling over some pics in White Dwarf in my youth. I don't play much GW games anymore, but I do love the backstories of both the Old World and 40k and have been reading the novels even after I stopped playing. I've been around Nottingham before, but for some reason never stopped by Warhammer World. So I guess it's finally time to to go check the place out as well!

With that said I'm going into radio silence for roughly a week. After that I really need to start catching up on my blog posts. There's a few battle reports from our Russia 1812 campaign that I somehow haven't gotten around to putting up. Plus I guess there will be quite a few pics from Salute as well :) 24Gb of camera memory will hopefully be enough...

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  1. Excellent news! I hope to see you at Salute, but although I have my ticket I still need to sort out a couple of things. Don't forget the bloggers' meet up, Ray Rousell has posted a map, but it is usually at 1pm in the centre of the hall.

    1. Hope to see you there too! I hope I don't get too carried away by the whole event to miss the meet-up ;)

  2. Thanks Phil! I'm pretty sure it won't disappoint!