torstai 20. joulukuuta 2012

79th Cameron Highlanders

Next up the 79th Cameron Highlanders. Mostly Victrix figures with some arms and weapons from Perry leftovers. I have to say I was extremely disappointed by the plastic used by Victrix. Quite a lot of parts breaking of at the slightest touch. Interestingly enough the flank companies seemed to be made of some different kind of plastic and they held together quite well. Even without the brittle plastic I think the quality isn't on par with Perry and I will probably try to stick with them on the plastic figures.

The Westfalia Miniatures Rude Highlanders are just some of the best minis I have seen. I also have their Prussian Chirurgen set and I can't help but wonder how they manage to get the castings done that cheap with such a high quality.

Painting tartans was quite challenging but in the end I think they turned up pretty nicely. I simplified the Cameron of Erracht design quite a bit to make it more suitable for a gaming situation. Maybe not the most correct one, but looks good to me.

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  1. 79th Highlanders are the next unit I am painting. I am using yours for reference. I am using same figures but only one of the 'rude Highlanders' as I used the other in my 42nd Highlanders.

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