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Gallipoli trip part 2: Helles

Took a bit longer to upload these images thanks to the Turkish infrastructure doing it's thing again and the internet at the apartment failing for nearly a week. Anyhow here are some of the pics from my second day at the Gallipoli battlefields.

The Helles area was a lot harder to visit as it was far more spread out than the Anzac area and obviously it wasn't as touristy either. Signs and the infoboards were not as common and it wasn't always exactly easy to find places with just the small map from my Gallipoli book.

The difference between the landscape of the two main battlefields is also quite epic with Anzac being steep hills with loads of thick impenetrable bushes and then Helles being mainly low rolling hills with quite open ground. The X and W Beaches were the nicest to visit but might be pretty much impossible to reach without a car and even then the W Beach might need a 4x4 or some walking in the end as the "road" was basically a cart track.

The Canakkale Martyrs Memorial near S Beach or Morto Bay is also pretty much a must. It's the main Turkish memorial and features a lot of statues etc. in addition to probably the most beautiful gravestones I've seen. Then the village of Kilitbahir has also some nice sights including an old naval fortress and then the modern one which was one of the main defences against the Allied Naval attack.

Turkish naval gunner Corporal Seyit, who allegedly carried 275kg shells by himself to his gun when the crane failed due to allied bombing.

View onto X Beach

W Beach with still some remnants of the defences
Helles Memorial

View onto V beach from the nearby coastal battery
Remnants of the coastal battery

The Canakkale Martyrs Memorial
Morto Koyu

Fortifications near Kilitbahir

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