torstai 11. heinäkuuta 2013

Shopping in Istanbul

I had a few days of from work and managed to have a nice longish weekend in Istanbul. Of course I couldn't resist to do some miniature related shopping also when I found one store through the internet. Wargaming seems to be quite non-existent and even this place was only focusing on scale models. But you don't get to be picky when there aren't lot of places around.

Nevertheless Özonur Hobby Market was a really nice place. Loads of boxes stacked from the floor to the roof with a surprisingly large selection of different figures from 1/72 to 1/16 scales. From checking their website I was interested in buying some 54mm and 70mm, but couldn't find them. Did get myself a Miniart French Cuirassier model though. Their 1/16 figures have nice detail even if they are sometimes a bit of a pain to put together.

 I also visited some bookstores to buy something to read. The selection of english language books in Bursa, where I live, is pretty much non-existent so I wanted to go shopping in Istanbul. Previously I had already bought a book about Kemal Atatürk's early years and about the Turkish War of Independence. This time I got my hands on another suitable book for my stay here. Tim Travers's book 'Gallipoli 1915' should get me familiar with the battle before visiting Canakkele and the battlefields next weekend!

Also the Empress Kickstarter is reaching it's final hours. I was originally going to commit to just a few minis, but this has escalated a bit to include both USMC and PLA and now vehicles etc. Luckily they arrive around December so I still have time to clear my painting table before that :)

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