tiistai 12. marraskuuta 2013

INHM Company: Gentleman's Club

I finally managed to finish and photograph my Gentleman's Club company for INHM. I really need to get some suitable scenery and take photos of these little guys after that. The light grey background looks a bit dull.

Minis are mostly from West Wind Productions 'Empire of the Dead' range and the minis for Lord Fraser and Miss Ellisworth are from Ratnik. I sculpted the bases from greenstuff. Drybrushed and then some pigment powders added to create variety in the coloring. Looks OK enough, but might still have to add some vegetations sticking through the gaps. Painted with Vallejo paints and GW washes.

 Lord Fraser, the chairman of the local club branch

Miss Ellisworth. Always on Lord Fraser's side, she has way of always getting what she wants with only a smile and small hint.

Jim Corbett is the second in command of the group. An avid hunter and a slightly eccentric explorer.

 Johnny "The Kid". Accepted into the club despite his age thanks to sponsoring by Jim Corbett.

Father Gladstone. Former officer of the empire who hasn't quite managed to get himself comfortable with the quiet life of a priest.

 Arthur is the mysterious member of the company with no one really knowing who he is. Always wearing a mask he is allowed to be as there is no one who can best him in a duel if too many questions get asked.

And finally some regular club members. Still two more of these guys left, but I ran out of bases.

4 kommenttia:

  1. Really good painting, very inspiring miniatures!

  2. Lovely work once again! Your bases are brilliant.

  3. Very cool. I play empire of the dead and I have a gents club too with a number of the Ratnik models. I'm at 50mmgameroom if your interested. Great painting!

  4. Thanks for the comments!

    Dan: I've actually been looking at your blog already :) Some good stuff there. I've been meaning to get some more of Ratnik's minis. Maybe the Ottoman's next.