torstai 7. marraskuuta 2013

New apartment!

Last few weeks have been quite hectic with us moving to a new apartment so not much time for painting or gaming. But there is an upside! Finally I have a sort of permanent hobby spot so no more moving things out of the way all the time. Enough room for too many half-finished projects and loads of shelf space for all the tools, parts and boxes.

Now that I'm mostly settled after spending the whole summer abroad and moving to a new apartment I can hopefully start pushing out updates a bit faster :)

Also finally got more ink for the printer and got a flag printed out for the tiny prussians. I've got about a brigades worth of them based now waiting for painting and two more brigades cleaned up waiting to get based. Let's see when I get enough motivation or a nice gaming deadline to get the painting line rolling for these guys.

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