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Couple of weeks ago we had a Waterloo game at the club depicting the fighting on the eastern edge of the battle in the late afternoon. British and Prussian forces pitted against a few Divisions of French.

 The game started with the Prussians and French fighting over Plancenot and the British pushed back out of La Haye Sainte and Papellotte.

The French quickly moved out to take control of both La Haye Sainte and Papellotte


 British forces advance onto a ridge to be able to fire upon the dastardly French covering behind bushes near La Haye Sainte

 The Battle on Planchenoit is going badly south for the Prussians and the French manage to recapture all of the town quickly.

To avoid a slow grind for Planchenoit the Prussians divert reinforcements north to assist the British in recapturing Papelotte.

Gordon Highlanders start the attack on Papelotte while the rest of the 9th Brigade secures it's flanks

Meanwhile on the western flank Cameron Highlanders assault the French brigade defending the surrounding fields of La Haye Sainte with other battalions of the 8th brigade providing supporting fire.

 The fighting around Papelotte intensifies as both sides pour in more and more troops.

After long fighting the British manage to drive back the French defending both La Haye Sainte and Papelotte. 8th Brigade has especially suffered heavy casualties and mainly concentrates on reinforcing their positions.

 95th Rifles take positions within La Haye Sainte and start murderous fire directed towards the French who are retreating through the muddy fields surrounding the farm.

The Prussian force under Blücher starts to make headway and pushes most of the French out of the area around Papelotte.

French reinforcements try to launch an attack against La Haye Sainte, but too late and they are driven back with muskets as the sun starts to set over the battlefield.

A really nice game with nice special rules and objectives written for both sides by Marko. Thanks for that! The battle ended with a victory for the British-Prussian allience with them controlling most of the battlefield. However Planchenoit stayed in French hands and their army was still far from beaten with one division still more or less battleworthy.

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