keskiviikko 7. toukokuuta 2014

First USMC fire team finished

I just finished the basing on the first USMC fire team last evening. The paint job was actually surprisingly quick as there is basically only the uniform and the webbing to paint. I just painted the uniform without any highlights and did a single highlight on the webbing followed up by a wash. Works quite well and quick and easy to do.

Painting wise I don't like these modern forces that much as the uniforms just aren't flashy and nice to paint. And however you paint them they just don't look that good at least to my eye. Practicality and camouflage tends to be boring compared to the flashy uniforms of Napoleonic era for example. Still an interesting era to game and the minis are excellent. Empress really does deliver when it comes to sculpting and casting quality. The faces are maybe a bit lacking at least to my liking, but still they are better than average even if they are not as characterful as something from Paul Hicks or the Perry Bros for example.

On the bases I decided to use some lichen for once as I found a large bag of the stuff from my cupboards. Looks OK I guess and adds a bit of variety to my normal forest bases to separate them a bit. I might still add some scatter from tea leaves or the like on the ground to make it look more like a thick undergrowth.

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  1. Absolutely fine job! I thought you were going for desert marpat, but it's actually green marpat, good job and more versatile for gaming! And your basing is so good!

    1. Everybody seems to have desert camo thanks to a few recent campaigns so I didn't want to start with that. Plus you need woodland against the PLA :) Desert marpat coming later when I'm done with these guys.

  2. Great work, they've turned out very nice indeed :-)

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