perjantai 25. heinäkuuta 2014

Tigers in the Mud manga by Miyazaki Hayao

With the Bridge at Remagen book for Flames of War just out and Otto Carius making a comeback this time in a Jagdtiger, this oldish manga by Miyazaki Hayao was an interesting find. Tigers in the Mud deals with Carius' time in Estonia during 1944. And what's even better it seems to be available translated and totally free. You could get quite a few nice scenarios out of them and even if you don't it's still a pretty nice read with nice illustration and a slightly more animalistic side of the conflict!

The volumes are available through Mangatank:

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  1. Free Manga! I have to share this with my daughter as I usually have to pay huuuge money to have things imported for her.

    1. Thanks Anne! Mangas can indeed be quite expensive. At least there's quite a bit available online

  2. Excellent find, thanks for sharing :-)