tiistai 1. heinäkuuta 2014

Last Red Devils squad

Back to more efficient painting once again with another bunch of Red Devils. 12 more figures with one full squad and a few extra officers that I might use as Spotters. These are the last regular paras that I will be painting as I now have 3 full squads that allows me to play them in Chain of Command. I still have one squad somewhere in the mail that was ordered already nearly 5 months ago and was now finally sent. I guess I'll paint that one up sometime too to allow for a slightly reinforced platoon.

These guys bring my total in Bolt Action to roughly 1300 points that allows for quite a lot of variety in lists. I still need to finish of the Tetrarch and I have a 6 pounder and a 75mm pack howitzer to paint up, but after that I have pretty much all the options covered that the Market Garden list allows me to take and some extras too.

When I was finishing these guys up I had a small feeling that I was forgetting something and now that I'm uploading these pictures it really hit me. I forgot to paint stubble on and clean up the bases. I'm not going to take new pictures anymore so you have to endure this atrocious mistake from my side. Maybe painting after being tired from watching football during the nights and waking up early to work isn't always that good of an idea.

7 kommenttia:

  1. Very nice work on these paras again! I really like your basing.

  2. Excellent work Samuli, you've quickly built up a very impressive collection of Para's. The World Cup has a lot to answer for though! Cheers, Paul :-)

    1. Thanks Paul! The World Cup sure is an evil thing. Especially with the schedules of these last games... Being able to go to sleep around 1 in the night and going to work at eight really is hurting any productivity

  3. Great looking paras, nice basing too!

  4. Nice work Samuli. The basing is jolly good.