sunnuntai 6. heinäkuuta 2014

First Oldhammer minis done

I managed to finish up the first few Oldhammer minis. Nice 'desserts' between other projects. After this I'll have another break in painting as I'm off to Germany for a week on business and can't really take any minis and paints with me.

I painted the two leftmost guys with a few metallic drybrushes followed by violet and red washes with a final edge highlight with a silver paint. Works quite nice and is really fast to do, but I guess I'll still paint the rest with solid colours and highlights. The beastman mini turned out quite nicely and it was a real pleasure to paint as it's a really characterful sculpt. The red could maybe have had a bit more contrast, but still it works quite nicely.

6 kommenttia:

  1. There is something incredibly charming about these, only helped by some great painting.

    1. Thank you Michael! Yeah even if the new ones are still great, they just somehow lack the character and wackyness of these old sculpts. Would be nice to do a whole army from these, but that might start to break the bank a bit too much.

  2. Smart painting, they certainly take me back...

  3. Absolutely amazing painting! I rally love these old citadel sculpts.