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Crisis loot

Well I'm back from Belgium and trying to sort through the backlog of unread blog posts as well as my own images from Antwerp and Crisis. This isn't helped too much by the fact that I'm out of the house for most of this week again... So sorry if I haven't been commenting or anything. I've been limiting myself to just reading through posts to save at least some time :)

Still unpacking my bags I had some time to do a recap of the loot I managed to gather! Pics from the rest of the show to follow soon(ish).

I did end up buying quite a bit and this is just the stuff I bought for myself as I did drag home some things for clubmates too. Well when you travel a few thousand kilometers I guess you have to take full advantage of the situation. And as one trader put it completely mad to travel this far for a wargaming show :) Still he was happy to take my money somehow... Paying was actually surprisingly hard with many of the companies only accepting cash and then some traders using quite outrageous conversion rates between euros and pounds.

The visitors bag included a sprue of Warlord Games Hannoverians and a superb sculpt of the Belgian King Albert I. Apparently they ran out at sometime though as my better half didn't receive any when she came later on to check out the show. I also bought some Westfalia miniatures rude rankers and a Baccus 6mm ACW booster pack to supplement my collection to be large enough for large games of Longstreet and Blackpowder.

I also bought some blisters of Perry Napoleonics. Mainly French command minis to add a bit of variety to the plastics and to give me more command minis as I'm going to build them in battalions of 16 minis instead of the 36 that the Perry box has. I also bought a Hannoverian blister with the intention of building up a battalion from the two gift sprues and a blister, but later on noticed that my better half didn't receive one. Still it won't go to waste as I'm planning to build up 4 Hannoverian battalions anyway and will need extra command minis.

I also got myself quite a few of Foundry minis with both Napoleon and Wellington packs to give me plenty of command minis. In addition to those I had to buy the drunken Vikings pack and some extra Viking command minis for Saga. And finally some WW2 German sentries and other paraphernalia to be used in Bolt Action as some interesting scenario pieces. Very nice except for their extremely high exchange rates when paid in cash. Luckily I was able to pay with a card using pounds as that ended up being over 40 euros less than they said it would have been when paying with cash.

Rules wise I bought myself a copy of the Longstreet rules and the accompanying cardset. They've been fun to play at the club so I finally bought a copy for myself. I also bought a missing set of Saga dice as well as Warlord Games new Bolt Action supplement Battleground Europe.

For 15mm I got two boxes of PSC Hanomags to transport my EW Germans Panzerschützen around the table. I also enlarged my Infinity collection with a box of Interventors and a bunch of Micro Art Studios resin bases. And finally a 120mm version of the Emperor Napoleon himself! I got him for 8 euros in the second hand area in totally untouched condition. This should hopefully prove very interesting to paint up.

And finally probably the heaviest pack with 3 Warbases paint racks and some Sarissa buildings and scenery to spice up my WW2 gaming. The radar station and accompanying stuff should be a nice objective and centerpiece for games.

And that's all folks. Stay tuned for some actually nice pics of tables etc!

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  1. Nice collection of loot! Well done!

  2. The searchlight is very tricky to build... quite frankly I'd say MDF is not the right material for it.

    1. Yeah I'm a bit sceptical about how it will work: Still it was only a couple of euros so not too bad even if it isn't really that great.