lauantai 8. marraskuuta 2014

Painting Challenge Vol V

Winter is arriving again and with it Curt's Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge with it's fifth edition suitably announced on Fawkes day or the 5th of November. I'm joining the fun for the third time. Last year I ended up with something around 1300 points, but this year I'll be aiming for a slightly more modest 1000 points.

This year the entrance fee is an "Anti-hero". This will need some figuring out. Thinking of a good subject and finding a suitable mini will definately be difficult this time around.

I need to start putting together minis to paint during the challenge. The bulk of my entries will probably be an Flames of War Barbarossa era German Panzerschützen force and 28mm Napoleonics for Waterloo. Just the 28mm French would get me some 700 points already and the Germans another 300-400 points, so I guess that should be already quite close to my target and probably a lot more than I'll be able to paint up in the space of three months.

The bonus rounds also make a reappearance again with new categories. Some will need some thought as I really want to try to stick to some projects that I'm already doing instead of painting something completely random for them.
  • December 14: Cold - Some final Winter War Finns. A boring choice, but hey it's probably the only way I'll ever get them painted :)
  • December 28: Mount(s) & Rider(s) - Cavalry would be obvious, but boring again. Modern cavalry in the form of Panzergrenadiers might do the trick or some aircraft in the form of "Knights of the Air"
  • January 11: Victorian - Steampunk would be another pretty obvious choice here for me. I've still got a few minis for my Gentlemen's Club INHM group lying around.
  • January 25: Myth - I have both Chimera and Dragon models lying around waiting for paint so maybe along some of those lines.
  • February 8: Hot - This one will be quite difficult. Though what's hotter than a dragon. Hell it's a 80s era classic Citadel Dragon :)
  • February 22: Comedic - Another difficult one as I don't really have anything "Comedic" immediately. Maybe some sort of a diorama. Last minute panic will be needed again to find a suitable subject :P
  • March 8: Anti-Hero - As with the Comedic thing, I really have nothing readily available so this will need some inspiration again.

8 kommenttia:

  1. I'm skipping Victorian and Mythology. I've got figures for them, but I'm not in the mood to paint those. Also I've two large projects that will fit into Hot and Comedic.

    Looking forward to seeing your work again this year!

    1. Skipping some of the challenges straight away might actually be the right way to go. At least no need to stress about getting something ready for them :)

  2. Good to see you on board again. Particularly looking forward to your dragon mate.

    1. Thanks Millsy! Hopefully I'll actually manage to get it painted then :)

  3. Dragons sound amazing! Best of luck with the challenge.