lauantai 14. helmikuuta 2015

Painting Challenge entry 7: German support weapons

Back to my Barbarossa German project again with most of their support weapons. An infantry gun platoon and two anti-tank platoons of two guns each. I'm probably going to run the PaK38's as one platoon of 3 guns, but they are sold in blisters of two so I painted the extra anyway.

My local hobby store finally got a restock of clump foliage so I added that to the bases to get some variety. I've also been going back to the previous Panzerschützen to enhance their bases too and add some foliage to the trees that were on the bases. I really hate going back to stuff that was already finished, but didn't really have a choice this time.

With these done I've only got 3 platoons of Germans left to finish. I've got 4 Sdkfz 10/5 anti-air half-tracks on the way and some smoke launchers prepped which should be quite a breeze to paint up. The final missing platoon is a large motorized pioneer platoon, with 10 infantry stands, 9 vehicles and one motorcycle team so there's quite a lot to paint up still.

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  1. Very nice! The clumps look good. I hate going back to things I have as mentally declared "finished", but it will be worth it to create a cohesive look. Can't wait to see the completed force all together :-)

    1. Thanks Paul! Completion might take a while as I really need to start cranking out Napoleonics soon and I'm able to proxy the Pioneers with some late war versions of the same :)

  2. Fabulous work Samuli! I'm looking forward to see a pic of the whole force once finished.