perjantai 12. kesäkuuta 2015

Russia 1812: First Battle of Polotsk

Clearing up some backlog from my silence with a few pictures from our third Russia 1812 campaign game. This time back on the northern front with the First Battle of Polotsk. Not many pictures here as I simply forgot to take pics in the heat of the battle, but more can be found at Napoleon Complex Gaming with a more indepth AAR as well.

The real battle took place after Oudinot had retreated to Polotsk after the Battle of Klyastitzy. General Wittgenstein attacked a Bavarian force that was slightly separated from the main French body in an attempt to destroy it before the French could react. In the heavy fighting that took place Marshal Oudinot himself was wounded and the losses to the Bavarian troops were very heaving including the loss of much of their General Staff. In the end the French forces would prevail, but the attack by Wittgenstein in effect put an end to the northern advance towards St. Petersburg.

Our game was slightly altered as we didn't really have too many Bavarians in our collections and my freshly painted Swiss and Croatian troops yearned for battle. Historically the  Swiss 9th Division was mainly a reserve force during the battle being stationed across the river in the town of Polotsk separated from the main battle that raged around the town of Spas which the Bavarians defended.

The battle concentrated around the small town of Spas with the Russian and Swiss forces being engaged in a constant point blank firing and close quarters fighting. Casualties were heavy on both sides with the opposing divisions in the area being in effect decimated. The game ended with both sides having to withdraw due to heavy losses. Being on the French side I naturally considered it a moral victory as my Swiss troops were able to hold the Russian bear at bay.



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  1. Nice looking game, mass effect is impressive!

  2. That really is a splendid sight, massed ranks of troops slogging it out - great job.

    1. Thank you Michael! Large masses really do make Napoleonic games so much fun to play.