tiistai 27. lokakuuta 2015

Cavalry Recon

Some more additions to my US Flames of War forces. This time a Cavalry Recon platoon consisting of a M8 Greyhound with some supporting Jeeps. They pack a surprisingly large punch that's highly mobile especially on roads and I've really been starting to think about painting up a Cavalry Recon Troop at some point to field more of these bad boys. Maybe after I've finished up the Mid War project.

No surprises in the paint job with a basic greenish brown base colour and some modulation with a yellowish tone followed by rather heavy weathering all along. I used some decals from Dom's decals again as I didn't have suitably sized ones available from other manufacturers. Knowing how fragile they were I was a lot more careful this time and the result was quite OK. At least no tearing up when removing washes etc.

Next up a battery of M7 Priests and some cheesy Warrior teams and then I think I'll have to paint up some 28mm for a change. To my horror I realized I hadn't painted anything else than 15mm since March. It's a bit strange especially when I'm not very fond of painting in smaller scales at all. So a therapy project of 28mm is definitely up sometime soon!

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