torstai 5. marraskuuta 2015

Flames of War projects rumble on

Yet more painted Flames of War stuff. These additions see the final miniatures I needed to field a full 1900 point Tank Destroyer company from Blood, Guts & Glory. So only the Mid War miniatures left! Though I'm starting to warm up to the idea of painting up some later Shermans as well to provide some heavier armour to support my Armored Rifles when I want to play them as a company.

First up a 3 gun Armored Field Artillery Battery. Straight from the boxed set without any additional stowage as the sculpts are already wonderfully detailed. Certainly some of the better resin offerings from Battlefront. I was planning to add maps to the staff teams table using some decals, but for some reason I cannot find the sheet anywhere at home. Still I already have more than enough staff teams finished with all the maps etc. so these won't really even be needed.

Then some cheesy Warrior teams. Patton is arguably one of the best Warrior teams in Flames of War. Granting Spearhead moves and practically making units Fearless is pretty powerful and well worth the 100 points. He's probably too cheesy to take to a friendly match ever, but I wanted to paint him up anyway if I ever end up taking the TD's to a tournament.

Harmon will be helping out in Mid War by granting vital re-rolls for the Armored Rifles as most US troops are Confident Trained in Mid War and re-rolls will really help in coping with those issues.

And finally some Beutepanzers. Two captured French Char B1's that have been converted by the dastardly boche into flame throwing Flammpanzers. I'd originally planned to include these in my ETC list, but in the end went for a much faster and mobile force. Ideal in an infantry support role with very heavy armor for Early War and the flame thrower being quite an effective deterrent against assaults. I'd painted them up to a stage where the only thing missing was decals and weathering, so when I did the same for the armored artillery I figured I should really get ahead with them as well. After all 4 decals, a wash and some mud really wasn't that much of an effort.

That's all for this time. Next up back to my favorite scale 28mm. To my dread I noticed that I haven't painted any 28mm since March and this had to be remedied with a quick mini project before I paint yet more Olive Drab.

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  1. These look absolutely superb, the whole appearance of the armour is spot on Sir.

  2. A beautiful colection, love the dog and the command stand...

  3. Wow, those are really something special mate. The weathering and colour choices are absolutely superb!

  4. Great work again! I especially like the Beutepanzer.