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Dear Santa

It's that time of the year with Christmas closing in fast. And like before Ian from The Blog With No Name and his wife Catherine are organizing a Secret Santa ring for wargamers. Thanks to both of them to organizing this event once again! Really gives you some extra fun to wait for during Christmas. I'm taking part again and lately I've been busy planning what to get for my intended victim.

As requested and to make life easier for my mysterious benefactor I've compiled a few tips from projects on the desk or in near future.

15mm AB late Napoleonic Saxons
We're starting an 1813-14 campaign at my club and I've promised to build up the Saxons. I'm using AB Saxons for the job. I've only really just started so pretty much anything goes. The only ones I don't really need anymore are Zastrow Cuirassiers as I already have all that was active during the campaign. I'm basing them 18 infantry (including 3 command) to a battalion and 8 cavalry per regiment.

28mm WW2 German vehicles
My 28mm late war Germans can always benefit from more vehicles to add to their forces. Nothing beats more Panzers in your collection. I've already got quite a few Panzer IV's and 251's, but pretty much everything goes :)

28mm Dark Age civilians, animals and buildings
Civilians, animals and buildings for the dark ages are always needed as extras on the battlefield to fight over when the Saxons face raiding Vikings. We have a club Saga campaign coming up in December and lasting well into next year so there's always room for some helpless victims. I've already got all the Saxon/Medieval 4Ground buildings, but I can always find use for more Danish buildings to build larger villages.

28mm 100 Year War French
I'm going to run a 100YW demo game at a local convention next Summer featuring some sort of a skirmish between foraging English and French parties. I'm pretty well stocked with English from the Perry plastic boxes, but French troops are completely lacking at the moment. I'm aiming to base the game around the Siege of Harfleur just prior to Agincourt.

Star Wars X-Wing and Armada
I've been playing X-Wing quite a bit at home and just getting into Armada as well. Both Rebels and Imperials are always open to new recruits to help fight for the right cause.

Something wild
As this is mainly a painting and modelling hobby for me I'm always open for small projects that aren't necessarily needed in a game. For example I've occasionally been painting up some larger scale (54mm and up) Napoleonics just as display pieces in my cabinet.

Besides these feel free to come up with something else. Everything is appreciated and really add to the fun of christmas! Hopefully the list above will help, or inspires someone to come up with a cracking idea.

And as a last note I wish all the participants a wonderful Christmas filled with the joy of gaming and hopefully others will have as much fun finding a gift for their "victim" as I do!

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