maanantai 4. tammikuuta 2016

Back in business

With Christmas and New Year over it's time to finally get back to painting. Quite a busy holiday season this year around as I had to be at the office before New Year as well. So the few off days included much driving, visiting relatives and a pretty decent final hunting trip of the year which saw us finally get the two final moose that were part of our quota.

Not much in the shape of hobby related presents as I didn't get myself anything this year. Luckily there was Secret Santa and I got a Bolt Action British Commando Mortar team for my collection. I'm not sure if I should paint it up as an airborne mortar team instead as the uniform is quite the same as the airborne had or if I should stick to the Commandos. It would be the perfect excuse to start up another army though :) We'll see!

Painting wise I've had a bit over a week long break since the start of the challenge and only found a bit of time last friday and sunday. A small unit this time with only 8 cavalry for the Saxons. Painting is done now with basing coming up when the super glue around their bases has completely dried. Not sure what I'm going to paint next as I realized I haven't prepared anything else. I have a few Flames of War tanks prepped, but they need an undercoat from a spray can to last the weathering. However the weather here took a rapid turn towards the icy hell that Finland can sometimes be with -20 degrees Celsius outside (and colder in store) which pretty much rules spray cans out of the question until the weather warms up at least a little bit. So I guess it's prepping time for the next few days then to get something ready that can be primed with an airbrush.

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  1. Good work all round. Congrat's on getting the moose, I have not been hunting for many, many years. Saxons look very nice indeed and commandos are something I want to start this year!

    1. Thanks! For me I think I've been hunting a bit too much lately :) Every autumn it seems I'm out in the woods 10-15 weekends in a space of a little under 4 months so it does tend to cut into painting time quite heavily. Still I guess you need a lot of hobbies to keep yourself busy :)