sunnuntai 31. tammikuuta 2016

Painting challenge entry 5: Regiment Rechten

Back to the Saxons with another Line Infantry Regiment. This time the 2nd battalion of Regiment Rechten. It seems that only the second battalion took part in the 1813 campaigns with the rest of the Saxon army so I have chosen to only paint that up for this project.

Nothing special to say about the paint job. Pretty much the same as the previous Saxon infantry, albeit this time with my least favorite colour to paint, yellow. White and yellow both cover other shades horribly so I tried to be a bit tidier during the block painting sessions than normal. Quite fast to paint up and finished over last weekend with a few hours of painting done on both days between other obligations. The Saxon army is growing at a slow, but steady pace.

I've used a new flock for these minis as I ran out of the old one when doing the armored rifles. I couldn't find the same mix I've used previously so I picked a few different bags of model railway flock. This is the brighter one with some colourful strands mixed in to represent small flowers. Looks quite nice, but maybe a tad bit too light for my taste. I'll have to try mixing in some darker green to tone it down a bit. Though it does make the whole unit look a lot more colourful.

I've now also received another care package from Fighting 15s containing some much needed reinforcements. My initial order only included a few Regiments and some cavalry to see what the minis looked like. I had been planning to buy the rest of the first Saxon Division, but unfortunately Fighting 15s can't deliver Grenadiers or Light Infantry until sometime in March, so I had to settle with just ordering more line infantry. I now have enough for most of the normal line battalions I need to paint up. Would have been nice to paint the green uniformed light infantry in between all the white uniforms, but those will now have to wait.

Now I'll be taking a few days off from all hobby related activities. This weekends Flames of War tournament did take it's toll and I don't really feel like gaming or painting at the moment. Still a rather good weekend with 4 wins out of 5 and one point from the first place. I ended up tied for third. The second place player had the same points as me, but had won 5 of his games. So after all 4 players with only one point difference between them. Pretty close and it all really hang in balance until the end.

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