maanantai 11. tammikuuta 2016

Painting Challenge entry 3: Zastrow Kürassiere

My next entry to the challenge continues on the same lines as the previous one. This time some Saxon heavy cavalry in the form of the Zastrow Cuirassiers. The second heavy cavalry regiment during the 1813 campaign in addition to the Leib Kürassiere Garde it was virtually annihilated during the Russian campaign, but reraised in time for the 1813 campaign to fight alongside the Leib Kürassiere Garde, which had stayed in Saxony. The unit fought with distinction throughout the campaign and was one of the last to defect with the rest of the heavy cavalry and the guard.

Once again AB minis. Very nice sculpts, but once again the poses could have been a bit more varied. Luckily the horses are separate on all but one sculpt so they can be used to add a bit of variety. I find horses very tricky to paint as too much contrast makes them look blocky and just plain weird, but then too little just makes them look bland when looked at an arms length. I tried to put in a bit more contrast than usual, but I think I still should have gone further with it. Still turned out quite nicely and will hopefully make a striking appearance on the battlefield.

Next up back to Flames of War with the final infantry unit in my project. After that I think I'll need some quick interlude at another scale than 15mm. I love the smaller models for gaming, but they are no where near as fun to paint as 28mm and larger.

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