torstai 11. elokuuta 2016

Reaper monsters

A couple of quick paintjobs to get back in the groove. These are both from the Reaper Bones range of cheap plastic minis. Overall quite nice and characterful sculpts with good detail. I especially like the face sculpted on the Ogres club, small details like this really bring the models to life. Still there are limitations and the production method was showing with some areas having detail that was obscured, like the legs of both minis) and there were a lot of mould lines to clean, but still for a few euros per model these are still a bargain.

I wanted to keep them nice and fast to paint and with large skin areas that was quite easily achieved. A couple of highlight layers on the skin areas and everything else was just finished with a base colour, a wash and another layer of the base colour again.

As I said in the last post I haven't really felt like painting for a long time for some reason. I guess it's partly to do with the fact that I tend to paint larger units at a time so it really starts to feel like a chore soon. Painting these two fellows only really took me a few hours and was a really nice change to my routine. And it was actually fun to paint again! I guess I should probably do this more often to keep my motivation up. Painting up large units at a time has it's virtues with projects advancing faster, but especially after last spring it somehow really wore me down.

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  1. Nice work Samuli! I love the face in the club, what a cool detail...

  2. Excellent work Samuli! Nice to see you back at the painting desk again. I feel your pain in regards to larger units. It always sucks any motivation out of me too.

    1. Thank you! Finding the right balance between getting forces done fast and not get burned out with large units is really tricky sometimes. I guess I should probably stick to skirmish games :)

  3. Your muscular new friends are awesome, very impressive!