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Ropecon 2016

I've been a bit slow going through pictures from my camera, but I guess it's better late than never!

Finland's largest gaming event, Ropecon, was held again this year on the last weekend of July. A new venue, as the normal one is under renovation, was much more spacious as it was a convention hall, but unfortunately different things were very spaced out in different areas. Previously roleplayers, card players, miniature games and all the others were quite mixed up, but now all groups had more or less their own areas and not much intermingling seemed to be happening.

One of the highlights for me was a lecture by Finland's gift to wargaming, Tuomas Pirinen of former GW fame, about the process behind the creation of the Warhammer Chaos books that he authored in the 90s. Great stuff with some very nice background info on why certain gods have been developed the way they were and about different characters that he created for the universe. Having always been a follower of the Chaos Gods and of Nurgle especially it really gave some great insight into the faction. Also some John Blanche artwork was on show with original prints of images used in books and even some unreleased ones as well. Great lecture, too bad that he didn't have more time. And bonus points for dressing in character as he was in suitably chaotic cosplay garb at the convention.

As usual our club was very active with multiple demonstration games in different systems. I ran Bolt Action again with a very Commando themed scenario, in addition to that there was another Bolt Action game for Africa around 1942, American War of Indepence with Black Powder rules, Dark Ages and Medieval with both Saga and Lion Rampant, Dropzone Commander and Infinity. So we had a pretty good selection showing different gaming systems in addition to the ones that had tournaments running (40k, Warhammer Fantasy, Age of Sigmar, Warmachine etc.) Unfortunately I forgot to take too many pictures of our tables so a couple of snaps of my own game will have to suffice.

I've run a fairly similar scenario before as well with British Airborne making a dawn assault from all sides on a German HQ building. This time simplified it a bit with the Brits just having to capture a trio of German characters and escape with them while reinforcements from a nearby German garrison would try to stop them. Games ended up being evenly won by both sides so I guess fairly balanced. Plenty of movement required by both sides so everyone got to be quite active and with a Commando themed game action was plentiful!

As always there was also a painting competition with some pretty impressive entries. Our club had a clean sweep of the competition with all prices except one being shared by two of our members. I snapped some pictures of my favorite entries from the competition. Funnily enough not too many shots of any of the winning entries except for the Warhound which wasn't by any of our clubmembers and which took the open category if I recall correctly.

And finally pics of an amazing Mordheim table. A campaign was played through the three day event with couple of players vying for control of the fabled city of Mordheim. A nice choice as well as Tuomas Pirinen, who gave a lecture on Chaos in Warhammer, originally created Mordheim as a setting and the rules as well and was apparently very taken by the fact that it's still played and quite popular.

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  1. What a fabulous looking event, wonderful tables and painting entries.