keskiviikko 6. helmikuuta 2013


I've managed to get some more painting done in the last couple of days. I've got the first half of my 1st Royal Scots finished and waiting painting and the rest are only waiting for finishing touches so the battalion should be done by the end of the week! I also switched to using the Off white color from Vallejo when painting all the straps and lacing for the brits. Seems to cover a lot better and the color is better than in the other white paints that I have tried.

I also managed to get some armor painted for Flames of War. Just testing different camo patterns and how preshading looks like in this scale. Nice and fast to paint with an airbrush and yields pretty good results. The preshading doesn't show that well in these iPhone shots but looks adds nice depth when viewed closer. Need to finish these boys up too.

I also tried my hand at painting the Ambush pattern. It worked out pretty well on the backside, but I had masked off too much of the yellow base color on the turret and front part of the tank when I started so I had to correct it, which didn't work out that well. This guy is going into paint removal next as I find that the older style camo looks better (even when this camo would be done correctly) and it's also a lot easier to paint.

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