sunnuntai 10. helmikuuta 2013

1st Royal Scots

Finally managed to get these guys finished and based today! The units is a mix of Victrix and Perry plastics. They work pretty well together with no big problems or gaps left to fill. Too bad the backpacks etc. are not really interchangeable without a lot of sanding and resculpting work. The flags are again from GMB designs. I really love their stuff eventhough it's maybe a bit too big. But at least it makes the units stand out on the table.

Painted with Vallejo paints as usual and finished with Army Painter basing stuff.

Probably should clean the units better before taking photos. A lot of static grass stuck on them now that I look at the close-ups.

5 kommenttia:

  1. Excellent looking unit. Very nicely done! Those GMB flags really do look great. I can't wait to finally get my first few Prussian battalions done so I can use them as well.

  2. Looking lovely... I plan to do the same mixing Victrix and Perry. Maybe even going the extry mile to make the backpack interchangeable.

  3. Very good job with the brits and fine paint work with highlanders too!

  4. Thanks for the comments!

    Yeah changing the backpacks might blend the mix of different makes even better, but it's still pretty hard to spot from the distance so I didn't really deem over doubling the work worthwhile. Adding Perry backpacks to Victrix should be easy, but the other way round you are gonna need to do a lot of filing and filling stuff with putty.