maanantai 25. helmikuuta 2013

1er Bataillon, 21e Régiment de Ligne

Well I finally got the 1st Battalion of the 21st Regiment finished. Painting the Grenadier and Voltigeur battalions took a bit longer than I expected due to studies getting in the way. The whole unit is Perry, all of the command expect for the drummer are metal figures and the rest plastics. An excellent line, but I would have hoped that at least the heads would have been separate for easier customization.

Still need to figure how to paint the whites better. Couple of layers and army painter looks OK, but I think it's still missing something. Well maybe in the next batch... I also decided to paint all the backpacks differently. Makes painting slightly slower, but it does make the unit look a lot nicer.

All in all, I'm pretty happy about how they turned out, eventhough apparently the drummers uniform should have been different. Probably should never check references after painting.  I think the faces turned out pretty nicely now that I tried layering the paint a bit more before using painting army painter over the whole model. The close ups look a bit weird though as I don't like to paint eyes. Can't really see the point of it as you will never really see the difference when you are gaming.

Next I need to finish skirmish bases and some british artillery and command stands. And hopefully I'll have time to finish the 92th Gordon Highlanders before our next game too. I just ran out of suitable arms for charging minis so I need to find some more somewhere.

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  1. Congratulations REALLY nice work on those napoleonic french. I was wondering which army painter dip shade did you use on the white -I am thinking ahead to when i have to paint up my Austrians :-))) Peter

    1. I'm using Strong tone, but I think it's too dark for the whites and easily makes the paintjob look brownish all over. However with the other colors it works great. It's actually pretty easy to paint on top of the army painter glaze when it has dried as the surface is slick and you can easily kind of blend the acrylics in and achieve a cleaner look. That's how I did it, but it does take quite a bit of time to do it. Another way is to paint over the white parts with white spirits a couple of minutes after the dip to remove most of the dip, but it's harder to a good look this way in my opinion.

      With a lighter one you could probably do the minis without touching them up afterwards with white paint.

  2. Thanks for posting. I really liked the way you did the calf-skin packs. I always did mine the same colour. You may have inspired me to try what you have done. They look great. Cheers.