tiistai 12. helmikuuta 2013

Achtung Panzer

Here is another bunch of minis that I managed to finish up. These were painted with the Royal Scots to keep me from getting bored with all the red and white. The Stugs and Königstiger are from Battlefront and the 251 with it's riders is from Plastic Soldier Company.

As these were the first 15mm vehicles I ever painted I decided to try how some techniques from bigger scale models work on these. All are preshaded to varying decrees and then painted over with the camo. It shows a bit through on the yellow parts and adds some life to the paintjob. After painting I applied the decals and added a quick oil wash to bring out some details.

I also tried a product called Easy Mud from Marutechnics to do the tracks and lower hulls. Works reasonably well by either painting or splattering it on. Quite easy to overdo it on this scale though.

All in all, I'm pretty pleased eventhough I'm not too happy with the decals from Battlefront. The quality and accuracy is really bad. Need to find some other manufacturer for these.

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