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Painting Challenge entry 15: Nurgle Daemon Prince

Time for the next fortnight challenge entry, this time with the theme "Favorite Character". I went with a Nurgle Daemon Prince to celebrate the loving touch of Papa Nurgle. Chaos has always been my favorite faction in Warhammer and now that I sort of restarted it by digging up old minis it had to be the way to go. Of the four Chaos gods Nurgle has somehow always been my favorite. The disease ridden greenish hordes just somehow caught my eye.

To lead my new forces I of course needed a mighty hero and what would be better than a daemon prince. Sadly I'm not too thrilled about the Jabba the Hutt style aesthetics of Nurgle Greater Daemons etc. and then the regular Daemon Princes just look a bit too clean to be aligned to Nurgle. So I really had no choice but to convert something a bit more suitable for myself. I like the looks of GW's Plague Drones and thought that a bloated corpse fly would be the best shape for a mighty champion of Nurgle to morph into when he is bestowed with more and more of Nurgles gifts. The mini itself is made up of parts from GW's Daemon Prince, Plague Drone and Chaos Spawn box. And a helluva lot of green stuff...

Nearly everything on the mini except for details has been painted with an airbrush. The armor on his back was painted green with brown for shadows and yellow for highlights. The skin was painted with violet in the recesses and in the areas of any cuts and boils to simulate bruising and then covered with a light layer of yellowish brown and a final highlight of light grey. This was all washed down with brown and red inks to give the shadows a bit of definition and to have the lowest part of the body look suitably gory. I finally added a bit of violet on the tips of the wings to add some contrast.

All the oozing pus and paint was done with GW's special effect paints. Mostly worked out great, but I put a bit too much on his stomach area and wasn't able to clean it up afterwards. Didn't have time to repaint the area with the skin tone so I just had to add more pus to get him done in time for the challenge.

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  1. Vastaukset
    1. Thank you Phil! Bit different from my usual, and I guess from most of the other entries in the challenge too :)

  2. Very well executed piece Samuli

  3. Hola
    Buena pintura,me gusta
    un saludo

  4. Great painting and conversion! Your prince really looks like he's Papa Nurgle's most favourite champion.

    1. Thanks! Hopefully looks will help him on the battlefields! Or else I need to get weighed dice...