sunnuntai 2. maaliskuuta 2014

Painting Challenge entry 14: Winter War Ski troops

Next step in my Winter War project was finishing a small 5 man squad of Finns with skis. I had wanted to do them for the hero themed fortnight challenge, but thanks to the delivery taking over a month to arrive from the UK I had to skip them then.

The minis are from Warlord and are just far superior to anything from Baker Company. Not without their own problems though, as at least my set was filled with horrendous amounts of flash that took ages to clean. Still most of the detail is crisp and the flash was in areas that was relatively easy to clean without damaging any details so I'm pretty happy with them. Another issue I had was that all but one rifle was missing the end of the barrel and the front sights. Won't matter during gaming, but does stand out a bit in close-ups.

I'm probably going to run them as a Kaukopartio or Sissi squad in Bolt Action as they differ quite a bit from anything that Baker Company does so they won't really mix that well into other squads. Will be interesting to see how the Baker Company ski troopers will end up looking. The greens looked a bit hollywoodish, but it's quite hard to say from just pictures.


I'm a bit behind schedule on the challenge at the moment, I'm hoping to catch up with my last few entries as I have the last Winter War Finns about 50% complete now and I'm planning on doing a rather large entry for the final fortnight challenge. Plus I have the challenge "entry fee" nearly done and Danny the Dino is only missing eyes and teeth anymore. There are however some hindrances with a gaming weekend and a quick holiday trip in between me and my painting.

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