perjantai 21. maaliskuuta 2014

Painting Challenge recap

It was surely an interesting three months once again! Loads of great entries by everyone supplying plenty of sparring to get my own brushes swinging. In the end I managed to reach my target and actually even surpass it slightly by ending at in 15th place with 1307 points with my original target being 1200. I must admit the fortnight challenges helped quite a bit with the additional 400 points for participating in every single one of them.

Thanks to Curt for hosting the challenge once again. A tremendous amount of work that must go in to edit and post the entries of 60 participants and actually still manage to paint quite an impressive amount of minis. You are truly a crazy man! But crazy is good when it comes to the world of tiny lead men.

I didn't paint many of the things I originally planned to do, but then again I got some projects done that I didn't even plan on painting during the challenge at all. Shows my great lack for commitment in gaming :)

The painted totals were:
28mm: 156 foot and one large dinosaur
15mm: 44 infantry, 8 tanks
6mm: 264 all together

And finally a compilation of everything that I painted up during the challenge.

 Fortnight challenge "non-combatants". Flames of War objective marker

Dane Axe weilding Norse Gaels

15mm US Airborne

 Fornight challenge "Villain"

 6mm ACW Union infantry

 Baker Company Winter War Finns

Fortnight challenge "vehicles". Guards Armored Platoons

 Javelin and spear armed Norse Gaels

More Baker Co Finns

Fornight challenge "hero". French Poilu

 VSF Ottomans

 Fornight challenge "casualty". Ensign Kennedy of the 1st Royal Scots

 6mm ACW Union artillery and cavalry

 Warlord Games Finns

 Fortnight challenge "Favorite Character". Flying Nurgle Daemon Prince

 Fornight Challenge "Last Stand". Charge of the 46th Line

 Last of the Winter War Finns from Baker Company

Final entry with Danny, Desperado and the charming bard

7 kommenttia:

  1. Very nice work Samuli, some inspiring pieces

  2. Excellent work, especially for me the objective and casualty markers, and the French Poilu...

  3. Excellent work throughout the challenge and some really inspiring stuff.

  4. Some cracking entries Samuli. Your VSF Ottomans were a personal fav from amongst all the challenge entries.