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Battle of Austerlitz

We had a largish 15mm Black Powder game depicting the Northern part of Austerlitz with the French attempting to take Stahre Vinohrady and Prazeberg to push towards Austerlitz itself. Great game and many thanks to Juha and Antti for putting this thing together! Nice to try Black Powder with a larger battle too. Completely a different game with Corps sized armies compared to the division sized ones that we usually run in 28mm. Maybe I'll get my motivation up to paint my 15mm Prussians so I can get them on the table.

In the end the game ended up with a marginal French victory as they had control of their objectives. However Russian reserves were still mostly intact so no major gains would really have been possible.

 The battlefield

The battle began as both sides approaching the Pratzen heights. On the French left flank Lannes anchors his lines alongside Bosenitz in an attempt to halt Bagration's troops from flanking the French army.

 The Austrians reach Pratzen heights first, but are quickly counter-attacked by French colums. The slow grind for the heights would last for most of the game.

 Flanking Russian hussars are counterattacked by French light cavalry.

 With the first Austrian lines broken, the french press forward.

As Lannes's corps start to crumble under the russians superior numbers, the Guard and Heavy Cavalry move in to join the fight.

Fighting on the right flank where the French slowly grind their way through both Russian and Austrian troops.

The Guard moving towards Pratzen

 Guards hussars start the Russian counter-attack followed by the rest of the Guard

 One heavy cavalry division engages the Russians on the left flank to stop them from reinforcing the rest of the army.

 French Old Guard moves in to attack their Russian counterparts.

The battle ends with both Guards thick in the fight and the French controlling Pratzen heights

 Austrian heavy cavalry and one Russian division are still completely unengaged in the end so the battle could only be called a marginal victory for the French.

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