sunnuntai 29. joulukuuta 2013

Painting Challenge progress: ACW Union Infantry

I managed to finish the Paras this morning and send pics off to Curt. While waiting for them to go online on his blog so that I can put them here too, I started the next project on the desk. We are starting an ACW campaign at my club in February with 6mm armies. It's a new period and a new scale for me so will be interesting to see how it'll go. To test paint schemes and everything else I decided to paint a test brigade (why settle for individual test minis?) first before preparing the rest of my horde.

These Baccus minis are a lot more detailed than I expected from 6mm stuff and I was positively surprised that not all the infantry blocks are identical. I've now just airbrushed the base color on and painted some pants on these guys. Around an hour of work and I've got 140 guys + some generals with jackets and pants painted. Nice to see stuff actually progressing fast, instead of the slow slugfest that my Paras seemed to be. Probably won't be that nice and fast when I start painting all the straps etc. but that's future me's problem. And I have a feeling that the bases will take quite a lot of time as they will really be the focus instead of the tiny lead men.

And as a side note, I don't know how it's still possible that I'm amazed at what women find when they are shopping, especially if there is a sale on. Apparently this bunny sitting on top of a top hat was on sale at a clothes store and it just had to be bought. Though probably it's just the same with me when I'm at the local gaming store...

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