lauantai 7. joulukuuta 2013

Independence day and a promotion!

Yesterday was the Finnish independence day which means that half the population sits in front of the TV to see the official independence day party with around 3 hours of hand shaking by the president followed by few hours of people eating. All this is followed by huge headlines where all the dresses etc. are reviewed and all the etiquette errors are dwelled upon.

It does bring another part with it too. Reservists are usually promoted on the independence day and I too got my share! Finally got another rose on my collar and got promoted to a Lieutenant. Brightened my slightly hangoverish day after a rough company pre-christmas party. Too bad that the next promotion might be a long way away as the army is trying to save money and training for reservists is minimal.

  I also managed to finish the rest of my Sarissa buildings. Now I'll just have to wait for next week when Curt's Painting Challenge starts.

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