maanantai 16. joulukuuta 2013

Winter War is upon us

Well I finally received a long awaited batch of the Winter War Kickstarter minis! The package included a full Finnish platoon and a Russian platoon without the HQ section. This pretty much covers the main pledge minis with all the stretch goals still to come. I had totally forgotten these guys when I drew up a schedule for the painting challenge, so I'll have to modify my timetable a bit and sneak some of these guys in!

Minis are quite nice especially for the price. The sculpting isn't phenomenal with the heads and arms looking a bit weird on some minis. Nothing critical though and won't be seen from a distance anyway. And there are also quite a bit of mould lines that need to be cleaned up. I guess this comes from Gavin having to cast over 400 sets of these so the moulds are under a lot of stress when they are used constantly. I'll post better pictures when I've tidied some up and based them.

On the background you can see my first entry to the painting challenge too :) An objective marker for my paras. Basecoated and the ground and Jeep have been started. Too bad that it won't get published until the fortnight bonus round ends. I was kind of hoping to get a nice lump of points with it to jump into the first place for at least a small while :)

  The Finns

The Ruskies

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