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Painting Challenge entry 4: Pulp Character

My entry for the Villain category for the Painting Challenge was one of the Lead Adventure minis Pulp Investigators. Kind of a impulse buy as I just ordered him at the same time with their VSF Ottomans. There is just no way you can resist the call of Cthulhu. Originally he wasn't even supposed to end up as my villain, but I had totally forgotten the fortnight challenge and would not have had enough time to finish converting and painting my Nurgle Demon Prince.

Anyhow here is Mr. Edwards with his pet Bolivian flying toad. Not everyone has been convinced by his claims that it is truly a normal species found in Bolivia, but with the emergence of new species found by the brave explorers of the Empire you can never be too sure. However incidents with various cultists and "magicians" have seemed to be on the rise ever since Mr. Edwards came back from his latest research trip.

ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!

This was actually quite a quick paintjob as I only had an hour or two to finish this off in time for the end of the round. I decided to go with a completely black suit in part to practice painting black and also because it was faster than starting to to pinstripes etc. :) The suit is actually black only in the greases with everything painted in various shades of grey. I tried keeping the contrast between the shades and highlights as that seems to work best for blacks and whites. Taking a picture of it seemed nigh impossible though so the colour seems quite monotone at least on my screen.

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