perjantai 10. tammikuuta 2014

Winter strikes back and a fellow bloggers blog giveaway

Winter is finally coming to Finland too after a few lousy months of rain and darkness. I think it was around 2007 that we had a black Christmas the last time and even then the weather wasn't as bad (or then I'm just forgetting all the bad stuff ).

Going with the theme I managed to base my Winter War Finns and they are now waiting to get posted on Curt's blog so I can put them up here too! A completely new snow product in use as I didn't realize in the store that Noch apparently makes a few different snow flocks and of course I managed to pick the one I hadn't tried before.

I also finally decided to upgrade brushes and ordered a set of Winsor & Newton Series 7. Hopefully they live up to all the hype. Still anything is better than the synthetic brushes that I've used. The seem to curl up at the tip after 1-2 uses and only last me a few weeks of painting. I guess paying 10 euros a piece for brushes that are supposed to last years compared to 3 euros for ones that last two weeks is going to be a good deal.

And finally a fellow Scandinavian Joakim is holding a 50K giveaway at his blog. So go there to all the great stuff he's writing about and get your chance to grab some prizes

3 kommenttia:

  1. They only last if well looked after though Samuli

    1. Yeah that's pretty obvious :) The ones I usually buy from my local store won't last however well you clean them afterwards or if you treat them super gently. Plus no amount of cleaning and shaping products seem to prevent the curling that seems to happen usually around the first time that the brush touches paint. So I'm hoping that my normal cleaning rituals work better with natural brushes.

  2. Cool Finns! I'll be mailing mine as well to Curt today so a lot of snow in the Challenge :-)
    Best buy you can make if you like painting btw I can't do without them since I start using them