tiistai 14. tammikuuta 2014

Tanks a lot!

Well not so many, but still! I finally managed to get to painting the Shermans from the FoW Open Fire box that I got a year ago. Basic colors and decals done. Weathering and mud still left to do to get them ready for the next Fortnight Challenge with the theme Vehicles. Applying the decals was bit of a pain as there were just so darn many of them. Adding 8-9 decals to each tank to even longer than painting them up. And I already decided to skip a few Allied stars as it was getting a bit late.

I was a bit lazy with the clean up last spring when I actually put them together and there are plenty of mould lines evident and a few of them actually had split from their seams when the glue gave up. I'll try to cover that up with mud so that it's not that evident. Not the best designed tanks if you consider putting them together and I had a lot of issues especially with the side

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