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Painting Challenge entry 9: Finnish automatic rifle squad and platoon command

Next up another squad of Baker Companys Winter War Finns. This time an automatic rifle team with a captured Russian DP-28 'Emma' light machinegun. I also painted up the platoon leader and an NCO figure to act as the command team.

I simplified the paintscheme a bit by removing the darkest shadows that were barely visible and skipped the final highlight of pure white. Speeds up the process a bit and at least I can't really spot the difference especially with the added mud. I'm now halfway through the pile of Finns and should hopefully have them all done within a few weeks so I can get started on the Ruskies (and all the other darn half finished projects).

The officer is actually quite a nice mini with surprisingly good proportions! His gear is maybe a bit too nice for a lowly 2nd Lieutenant, but I guess he can easily stand for a company commander while the guy on the left could be used for a platoon leader.

I was quite surprised how much faster the painting was with the new brushes too. I used to have an issue with my older synthetic brushes with paint drying really fast on the brush. With the same paint mixtures I can paint the whole snow suit with one color for even 2-3 minis without having to "refill" the brush. I guess the amount of paint the brush is holding helps keep it all moist and working. And the nice sharp tip and the good spring of the brush really helps in having better control.

The poses are pretty good here too. The guy on the left is missing the clip and trigger are of his gun. I don't know if this was a miscast or something that was forgotten during sculpting.

I did the dirt by first stipling a light brown colour on the knees, elbows and helm of the jacket followed by a darker brown on the areas which would touch the ground most to simulate more recent dirt or mud accumulating there. Loosely copied from Burkhard at his great blog, but I just switched the colours around. Have to try his way sometime to see if it yields any better results. These were pretty much the first minies that I "muddied" up outside armor so there's still some learning left to do.

The 'Emma' gunner has a slightly Elvish look to him

 Mr. Monkeyface has an identical brother joining him at the frontlines.

 These poses are also quite nice. The face on the prone guy is horribly malformed, but luckily it isn't very visible.

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  1. Emma's name.
    In Finland was one of folk song, (clay pigeon, schlager), Winter War time.
    The name was Emma.
    Name emma given, because weapon magazine play same position, like record player.

    1. True, the rotating drum magazine on top of the weapon gave the impression of a record player so the gun received the name of a popular song from that time.

  2. I like them... great painting and good mud. I think switching the colors around works fine for winter minis. I wanted the mud on my Napoleonics minis to look like it had mostly dried already. With a winter setting I would expect it to be wet and switching the colors around conveys that quiet fine!

    I have to say the minis themselves are a mixed bag. Some of the faces are bone ugly. Now I am really anxious to see my pledge arrive (I opted for the all at once delivery in spring). Although for the price we paid, one can not complain!

    1. Yep, having the wet more prominent was what I was going for with the color switch.

      The minis are a bit interesting to say the least. It would seem that there are a few sculptors who worked on them as the style varies greatly. The contents of the packages seem to vary quite a bit too as I've seen a lot of minis that I didn't have in my package at all. So if you are lucky you might just survive without Mr. Monkeyface :)

      I'm really looking forward to getting their vehicles and heavy weapons. At least the tanks look really nice from the photos. And even if they are only of a half decent quality, the sheer amount of goodies kind of makes up for the whole thing. Can't say I would be happy if I paid the prices they have on their website though

  3. Kirjoittaja on poistanut tämän kommentin.

  4. Great job on these, you've really made the most of these figures!