keskiviikko 2. huhtikuuta 2014

101st Company Command and infantry stands

Finished off the first stands for my Airborned April challenge. These buggers have been waiting for paint a long time now and have graced gaming tables embarrassingly many times with only a black basecoat. These are the command teams with the three attached bazooka teams and three rifle/mg stands to take all my infantry platoons into full strength.

The resin bases are once again from Kerr & King. Wonderful products, even though they do have a lot of blowholes and the such. Luckily most of the surface is ground anyway so you don't need to fix that much and the worst parts can just be covered with static grass.

I once again painted the flags and 101st insignia on these guys. Last time I forgot the band above the eagle saying "Airborne". Pretty basic stuff with the US flag being basically two rectangles, few white dots and 2-3 lines and the insignia just a small black band with a black spot underneath. These then got a white line to represent the eagle and some thin yellow line to represent the text. Doesn't complicate the paint job too much and only takes a minute or so to apply to every mini, but it really does make the whole unit pop out better.

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