maanantai 21. huhtikuuta 2014

Red Devils Vickers HMG team and PIAT team

Finished up the next few units for the Red Devils. A Vickers HMG team and a PIAT team. And at the same time I noticed that I actually don't have a 2inch mortar team, but two PIAT teams. I guess I have to go shopping a bit. The horrors of life I guess :)

I got some good tips for basing from Lead Adventure forum, though I haven't implemented anything yet :D I need to visit the local crafts shop to get some thin brass rod to make shell casings on the bases and then add some broken glass and torn newspapers and propaganda posters. Any good tips for where to find some posters that the Germans had in the Netherlands would be welcome!

The bases are Sarissa weapons team bases to allow for casualty removal as I'm not that big of a fan of dice as casualty markers. They come in three sizes of which these are the smallest with two removable bases. Too bad the Vickers is modeled like it is as it doesn't really allow for the loader and gunner to be separated, so that base only has the team leader as a removable model.

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