lauantai 12. huhtikuuta 2014

Red Devils Rifle Squad

Finished up the first squad of Red Devils. The next one might take a while longer as it has been on order for two months now... At least I have time to paint the special weapons then. Though a local store has a few Red Devils box sets going for -50% that are quite tempting. I have no need for more MG's and PIATs, but hell the rifle squad is cheaper than through Warlord. Decisions decisions...

These guys had quite a lot of flash to clean up and quite a few spaces between arms and weapons had been cast shut. I had heard that Warlord sometimes has pretty bad quality, but didn't really expect this as all the previous ones I've had were a lot better.

It was quite nice to paint a camo scheme. Surprisingly easy especially due to the way the original jacket material was made during WW2. Simulating random paint strokes is a lot nicer than simulating geometric patterns :) I didn't paint any rank insignia or patches on these guys as I'm still waiting for decals to test on them. Need to see if I'll go for hand painted or decals then.

I'm not really 100% sure about the bases yet. The ones with only bricks look a bit bare at the moment and might need something to make them come alive more. I'm still trying to decide between some foliage and grass or more rubble. Any tips on urban basing are really welcome.


3 kommenttia:

  1. Very nice work, love the idea of the bricks...

    1. Thank you Phil! The bricks are from Pegasus Hobbies

  2. That's some very nice work again! At some date I have to get back to my own Red Devils also...